The benefits of coconut oil for the hair

Coconut oil: the SOS treatment for damaged hair

Thanks to its unique composition, coconut oil has the almost magical power to penetrate to the heart of the hair. Very fine, it repairs and protects the hair fiber in depth. The lauric acid it contains fills the cracks of devitalized hair. It also preserves the protein balance of our hair. Another superpower: it helps fight against the “haystack” effect by preserving the hair’s moisture. However, remember to check its composition. Don’t pamper your hair with products full of harmful agents! Opt for a virgin coconut oil, first cold pressed. Obviously with an organic label, it is even better. Good news for your wallet, it is relatively cheap.

The must-have ingredient of a well-oiled hair routine

No more itchy scalp and dandruff sitting shamelessly on your little black dress. Coconut oil’s natural antibacterial properties help eradicate the unwanted. Even lice can’t resist it! Bluffing, isn’t it? The detangling operation systematically turns to the pugilism? The more you mistreat your hair, the more it returns to you… Adopt instead the coconut oil reflex to nourish your lengths. Leave it on for five minutes after shampooing and you won’t need a conditioner! But to take full advantage of the benefits of the gourmet oil, nothing beats a good hair care session by night! Apply the coconut oil to your lengths and ends. Wrap your hair in a charlotte or cling film (if you’re not afraid of your partner). Leave it on overnight, and your mane will shine like a diamond!

Coconut oil to boost hair growth

You say “cut the ends”, he hears “cut the lengths”… your hairdresser has struck again! Coconut oil is great for helping your hair grow faster and healthier. Packed with minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, it’s a real magic potion for your hair. The secret of the flamboyant hair of Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow or Shailene Woodley? Coconut oil of course (in addition to the army of hairdressers mobilized H24)! This fabulous oil also helps fight against hair loss. To treat the problem at the root, massage a dab of oil into your scalp regularly. There’s nothing like it for boosting blood circulation.

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