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Discover all the tips and practical advice to get your hair in top shape on hairstyle-magazine.com! Fine, dull, flat hair will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks to the advice of our experts, your hair will be given a great makeover and regain strength and shine in no time!

4 easy tips to invigorate your hair

Take care of your scalp

Massage your head to stimulate blood circulation and thus oxygenation of the scalp; your new hair will grow faster!

Cut your hair tips

Although it may seem contradictory, cutting off the tips of your hair will help you to stimulate fast and healthy hair growth.

Everyday gestures

These gestures consist in moderatly using styling products such as mousse, gels or sprays.

Try food supplements

Your body need many essential nutrients, proteins and minerals to regenerate your hair.

Our tips to make your hair grow faster

You fell for a nice short square shaped hair this summer and now you regret it? Don’t panic, we’ve got the solution. We’ll tell you about all our little tricks to make your hair grow in a flash.

Anti hair loss treatments

In the case of beginner or seasonal hair loss, home care can be provided with gentle stimulating shampoos and anti-hair loss lotions in the shower.

Anti hair loss food supplements

Hair loss is also linked to deficiencies in zinc, magnesium, calcium, B-group vitamins or iron. Hair is also a very good indicator of these deficiencies.

Phytotherapy against hair loss

The world of plants also has its place in the treatment of hair loss! Thanks to phytotherapy, you can easily treat your hair problems in almost no time!

The hair transplant solution

Hair transplants are generally the last resort for major hair loss. Although natural hair transplants are relatively expensive, implants are much more affordable.

Embrace the right beauty routine

For healthy hair, it is essential not to neglect any form of care. Shampoo, conditioner and masks are mandatory for a healthy hair fibre. Beyond the care provided, it is important to visit your hairdresser from time to time. Every three months remains an ideal frequency. As soon as the forks point the tip of their nose, go get them cut. And if you want to refresh your haircut at the right time, do it on a full moon day!

How often should you wash your hair?

This definitely one of the most asked questions when it comes to hair care. And despite the elaborate formulas of the shampoos, the answer is not that obvious!

Washing your hair every day makes it fall out, using a baby shampoo is gentler… Preconceived ideas about the use of shampoo have a hard time these days. Only one thing is certain, washing is essential to eliminate sebum and dirt. Especially when you live in a polluted environment, smoke, do physical activity or often have a helmet on your head! The frequency depends above all on the nature of your hair and the cleansers used. You can visit Arte Bride for more tips.




Hair coloring

Professional advice for successful home colouring

Colouring your hair can’t be improvised! It is by following the right advice that you will obtain the colour of your dreams and that you will allow it to hold better. So, you are going to do your own coloring. Today’s products offer spectacular results and are easy to apply. Why not take the plunge?

For permanent colouring, always choose the lightest shade, assuming that it will always be easier to darken than to lighten. In case you have overloaded your hair with coloured pigments, yous should know that lengths that are already coloured do not need to undergo the same process with each new colouring. Now, can you dare to use highlights and sweeping? Yes, as long as the last colouring is not too dark!