One Of The Factors That Affect Hairstyle Design

Head Type

There are mainly 5 head types: (1) Big Head: You’d better don’t marcel. You can cut long or long straight hair, also can cut out level, comb bang shoulds not be too high, best can cover part of forehead; (2) Small Head: Hair should be done fleeciness, long hair best burned fleeciness large flowers, but the hair is unfavorable take too long, (3) Long Hair Type: Because of longer head type, so both sides should blow hair fleeciness, developing not blow too high. You should make hairstyle crosswise development; (4) Tip Head Type: Due to the lower the upper portion of the narrow width, it’s unfavorable to shear flats but can bob hot coil, the top tie point, pressure on both sides hair back blow into curly shape, make head type is the oval; (5) Round Head Type: bang place can blow a little higher, both sides to blow hair in front. Keep in mind that do’t cover the face.

Face Type

(1) Oval Face Shape: Just like goose eggs, so it is also called EDanLian. It’s a standard face, a lot of hairstyles can be suitted and can achieve very harmonious results, (2) Round Face Shape: Cheek is usually very plumpy, forehead and chin enough circle. Round face give a person with gentle lovely feeling and it suits many hairstyles. Just slightly touch on both sides of the hair forward is ok, such as long and short hair, burr XiuZhi hairstyle, unfavorable do too short haircut, (3) Long Face Shape: frontal hairline higher, chin, bigger and pointed face is long. Pls avoid face all show, bang do one row, try to make both sides hair have fleeciness feeling, unfavorable to keep long straight hair, such as: mushrooms hairstyle, short XiuZhi hair,students’hairstyle; (4) Square Face Shape: a broader forehead and quadrate face. Lack of downy sense, you should pay attention to when doing hairstyles, you should keep long hair soft little styles, such as: long ear hair, long hair, XiuZhi flash or long straight hair is unfavorable take short peso, (5) Triangular Face Shape: Head and forehead is narrower, hubei department under the wider. LiuHaiKe cutting thin thin, lop, best cut the length of qi mei, making it vaguely performance forehead, with more hair modified “, such as: students hairstyle, shoulder-length hairstyle, unfavorable to keep long straight hair, (6) Diamond Face Shape: on wide below narrow, like a “heart” form, also called heart-shaped face, characteristics and I face the opposite. When doing hairstyles, key attention on forehead and chin, head bang can do neat row, hair length exceeds chin two centimeters advisable, and inward curly, increase the chin width hair length over next, both centimeters advisable, and inward curly, increase the chin width.
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